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11/24/2014 UCLA Town, J. Football Fight, Hundley

Hour 1

UCLA Owns Los Angeles | Odell Beckham Jr. Catch | Brett Hundley (College Football) Interview | Colin Kaepernick Is Great Says Jimbo

  • Hour 1
  • Nov 24th 2014

Hour 2

The Blunt Scores Two Touchdowns | Dominic Raiola’s Cut Block | Bret Bielema (College Football) Interview | J. Football Fight

  • Hour 2
  • Nov 24th 2014

Hour 3

J. Football Alleged Fight Details | Emails On Detroit | Jerrell Freeman (NFL) Interview | Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Nov 24th 2014


Brett Hundley

The UCLA quarterback on being 3-0 for his career vs. USC: “Huge.”

  • Brett Hundley
  • Nov 24th 2014

Bret Bielema

The Arkansas head coach Year 2 at Arkansas: “Just scratching the surface.”

  • Bret Bielema
  • Nov 24th 2014

Jerrell Freeman

The Colts linebacker on the chip on his shoulder: “Always going to have the mentality of a rookie free agent.”

  • Jerrell Freeman
  • Nov 24th 2014

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