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11/19/2014 Happy Anniversary, BBN, Gray

Hour 1

Malice At The Palace Anniversary | Jermaine O’Neal Punch | Yogi Roth (Football) Interview | Bob Griffin’s Work Ethic

  • Hour 1
  • Nov 19th 2014

Hour 2

Cubs Goes In On Lakers | Kevin Harvick (NASCAR) Interview | Jim Gray (NBA) Interview | BBN

  • Hour 2
  • Nov 19th 2014

Hour 3

NFL In L.A. Calls | Big Blue Nation | Tony Gonzalez (NFL) Interview | Goodbyes

  • Hour 3
  • Nov 19th 2014


Kevin Harvick

The NASCAR Driver talks about winning the Sprint Cup Championship.

  • Kevin Harvick
  • Nov 19th 2014

Yogi Roth

The former USC assistant on Pete Carroll: “He’s uncommonly consistent with his philosophy.”

  • Yogi Roth
  • Nov 19th 2014

Tony Gonzalez

The former tight end on playing in the Black Hole: “Loved it.”

  • Tony Gonzalez
  • Nov 19th 2014

Jim Gray

The broadcaster joins the show on the 10 year anniversary of the “Malice at the Palace.”

  • Jim Gray
  • Nov 19th 2014


Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the Association!! What were you doing 10 years ago tonight? On November 19th, 2004 most NBA fans were staring at the box in shock. And a select few were getting punched in the face by Pacers.
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You Made This Bed, Cat

If Tiger Woods’ microprocessor is telling that cyborg to be angry… It’s normally because he just rinsed another tee shot or somebody snapped his picture.
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Big Blue Nation

I get that nobody cuts down Nets in November. But the Big Blue Nation might want to keep a ladder and some scissors on standby.
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Get To Work, Bob

Never mind 0-10 Oakland. The team that badly needs a win is Team Griffin.
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Do You, Cubes

Gotta love the gall on Cubes going on L.A. radio and dropping a suck bomb on every car flagger from Long Beach up through the 818.
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Spread The Swag

Take one guess which Laker said this before the game in Atlanta. “I’m here to save the day with all this swag.”
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