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11/11/2014 The Sanchize, Sir Charles, Morey

Hour 1

The Sanchize Is Back | Sir Charles Can Eat | Vic Beasley (College Football) Interview | Detroit vs. Arizona

  • Hour 1
  • Nov 11th 2014

Hour 2

Twitter Thugs | Daryl Morey (NBA) Interview | Mike Silver (NFL) Interview | Morey’s Comments

  • Hour 2
  • Nov 11th 2014

Hour 3

Jim Rome On Showtime, Tonight | Bad Bands | Bad Bands Emails | Goodbyes

  • Hour 3
  • Nov 11th 2014


Vic Beasley

The Clemson’ defensive ends mentality on game day: “Play like the best player out there.”

  • Vic Beasley
  • Nov 11th 2014

Daryl Morey

The Rockets’ general manager on Dwight Howard: “He looks like he’s in his prime.”

  • Daryl Morey
  • Nov 11th 2014

Mike Silver

The NFL Network’ analyst on Steve Smith: “I’d want that guy on my team.”

  • Mike Silver
  • Nov 11th 2014


The Sanchize Is An NFL Starter

Philly just crushed Carolina by 24 points, but the Panthers weren’t even the biggest losers in the building. Nicolas Edward Foles was.
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Cam’s Gonna Get Killed

Cam Newton deserves a game ball for even finishing that game. But Ron Rivera needs his head checked for letting him.
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Pump The Brakes, C-Town

Congrats, Cleveland. You finally got your homecoming party. You had to wait 11 days after your guys got embarrassed in that opener, but the Cavs first home win actually came at just the right time.
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Beaten By Pink Eye

In an 82-game marathon, you don’t want to trip because of one loss. But the Clippers just got beat by a guy with one eye.
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Log Out And Find A Life

The most pathetic bunch of losers in the wake of that disaster didn’t have Cs on their helmets, they have Eggs for their avatars.
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Clutch Win There, Fellas

Two important things happened in the Association: The LA Lakers got a win, and Sir Chuckster got his grub on.
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