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10/30/2014 Bumtober, Lakers, DeRozan

Hour 1

Madison Bumgarner Is A Freak | Dirt People Smack | Dan Woike (NBA) Interview | Giant Fan

  • Hour 1
  • Oct 30th 2014

Hour 2

Michael Franzese’ Reaction | Jeff Passan (MLB) Interview | San Fran Fan | Jim’s Daily Poll Question

  • Hour 2
  • Oct 30th 2014

Hour 3

DeMar DeRozan (NBA) Interview | Poll Question Rages On | Bad Idea, Deck | Huge Call Of The Day

  • Hour 3
  • Oct 30th 2014


DeMar DeRozan

The Toronto guards’ mentality: “Always have the mindset of being the underdogs.”

  • DeMar DeRozan
  • Oct 30th 2014

Jeff Passan

The Yahoo’ columnist on if he’s ever witnessed anything like Madison Bumgarner’s World Series performance: “No.”

  • Jeff Passan
  • Oct 30th 2014

Dan Woike

The Orange County Register Clippers’ beat writer on the Western Conference: “It’s a minefield.”

  • Dan Woike
  • Oct 30th 2014


Straight Up Freak

That’s 3 for San Fran! That’s 3 for them. And that’s gut-wrenching for KC.
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Stay Classy Giant Fan

You just had the biggest win of your entire lives, and the very first thing that goes through your mind is, I need a window to break and a bus to torch!
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Denver vs. New England

BRADY v.MANNING 16 on Sunday. And as usual, their latest matchup comes with all the extra features you’ve come to expect.
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Prime Time Tonight

What happened to the NFC SOUTH??. Does anyone really even want to win that division?.
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2 Down, 80 To Go

Good news for Laker fans – Kobe had 31 in Phoenix last night. Bad news – the team needed him to have 52.
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Bulls Look Like Beasts

Hey Philp- give them some bleeping credit for REAL.
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A Terrible Idea

I think Eric Decker is a good dude. A good dude, who had a terrible idea. And I don’t mean jumping from Peyton Manning to Geno Smith in the offseason.
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