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Scott Boras: Cubs shouldn’t send Bryant to Minors

Scott Boras: Cubs shouldn't send Bryant to Minors

Agent Scott Boras joined the show to talk about Cubs slugger Kris Bryant. The Cubs might keep Bryant in the Minors for a short perios to extend their control of his contract an extra year even though he is hitting extremely well this Spring.

“He went out in the Minor League and hit 43 home runs last year,” Boras said. “Then he goes into Spring Training … it’s pretty rare that you have someone with a .2000 OPS. A tenet of Major League Baseball … it’s very hard to deny that someone is performing at the Major League Level is something that he’s earned”

Dan asked if Bryant has a position. “He’s certainly a league average third baseman,” Boras said. “He can certainly play the outfield. Bryant has played third base his whole career.”

Dan also asked Boras if he knew A-Rod was on PEDs. “I’ve never known anyone I’ve represented had any involvement [with PEDs],” Boras said.

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