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Ron and R.J. Hunter on Georgia State’s thrilling win

Ron and R.J. Hunter on Georgia State's thrilling win

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter and his son R.J. Hunter who hit the game-winner against Baylor joined the show to talk about the game. Coach Hunter explained why he fell off his stool … Dan asked if he forgot he tore his Achilles.

Coach Hunter wanted to explain his jab at President Obama for not picking them. “It was a joke about President Obama. Quit sending me e-mails and threatening my taxes!”

R.J. talked about the famous Georgia State alumni – he wants Ludacris to come to a game, but he’s not sure about Julia Roberts.

Ron and R.J. talked about who was a better player. R.J. said that he’d beat his father in a one-on-one game to 7 by the score of 8-0.

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