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John Calipari on how he makes all his talented players happy

Kentucky coach John Calipari joined the show to talk about his talented team and much more. Here are some of his takes:

– Calipari on how competitive the players are for playing time: “I said how many of you guys are willing to give up your minutes. None of them raise their hands.”

– Calipari on why he platoons players: “The platoon stuff was not me being a genius. It was about me trying to play 10 guys.”

– Calipari on last night’s close win over Ole Miss: “Every team we play is going to play out of their mind. And if we give them a chance, they’re not stopping.”

– Calipari on why players choose Kentucky: “These kids all trust each other. They look at results. The kids have come through go on to the League and they’re playing well in the League.”

– Calipari on watching football: “I’m sick. My Steelers got beat. Bell being out. I knew it’d be a struggle. Cincinnati got beat. Those are teams that I follow and like the coaches.”

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