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Cardale Jones explains why he’s staying at Ohio State

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones joined the show to talk about why he’s staying in school and the impact of winning the national title this season. Here are some of his comments:

– Dan asked if it was a tough call to stay. “It was a hard decision,” Jones said. “Not just for me, but for my family. Leaving before I graduated or leaving before I had more of my academics career complete.”

– Dan asked who’s starting for the Buckeyes next season. “I have no idea,” Jones said. “No guarantees were made to me.”

– Jones said he tried to talk to people about his chances in the NFL: “We had a couple of reliable sources that we trusted.”

– Jones explained his infamous 2012 Tweet about not “playing school.” ” I never really felt that way about school,” Jones said. “That tweet happened at a dumb point.”

– On Urban Meyer’s impact on his decision: “We talked about it. He gave me the pros and cons of staying and leaving. He didn’t guarantee anything. He did let me know the NFL is in my future. Coach Meyer is someone I trust and believe.”

– On growing up in difficult circumstances: “A lot of kids I grew up with were like that. I don’t’ want to get a lot of praise because I didn’t have a typical family structure. Because kids go through that every single day. For me to overcome some of those challenges – it’s a great story, but it’s not like I’m the first or will be the last.”

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