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Big 12′s Bob Bowlsby on TCU and Baylor being passed over

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby joined guest host Chris Mannix to talk about Baylor and TCU being left out of the Final Four. Bowlsby said that they need to look “introspectively” and ask if they need to do things differently. Bowlsby said that part of the problem with them having a championship game is that they all play each other and a conference title game would be a rematch – which isn’t fair to the team that won the first game.

Bowlsby also explained why Baylor and TCU are co-champions. He said the coaches and powers that be in the conference have wanted a tie and they only use the tie-breaker if it is to decide who goes to which bowl. “That has been our rule and it’s not something we can change during the season,” Bowlsby said.

Chris asked Bowlsby who he would have voted for in the final four — he said TCU. “The only reason I say this is anything between our two schools — they had a better chance of staying in [the final four],” Bowlsby said. “It seemed like they were better positioned to have a chance to stay there.”

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